As a working studio I produce a quality fine art that is award winning and of a caliber that reflects a lifetime of passion. Within this site you will see examples of
my abilities in painting a variety of subject matter.

The technique used in my artwork is airbrush/brush. My medium is oil based enamel. My canvas can be of most anything, however, I generally create on canvas
(tyvek), Masonite or marlite.

My bread and butter for the last 26 years has been commission work. I started my business, Touch of Art, in 1985. I work with businesses (logo, murals, etc)
and individuals (portraits, pet portraits, wildlife and vehicle art).

All work you see on this site is work that I have created. It is for sale or has already sold.  These photographs represent my original paintings or photos of work
that has been commissioned or sold. Please keep in mind that photos are not the same as viewing the original art piece.

I paint on a variety of canvas. I enjoy painting large. If you like what you see but do not see what you want, please contact me. I love a challenge.

Email's:  or

Phones:      1-505-299-8312   or    1-505-842-8429     

You may, also, fill out the form on the contact page.

I thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy my artwork.
Touch of Art                   Established 1985
All images of  artworks contained in this site is the sole property of the artist , Jim Pearson. It is unlawful per copyright laws to reproduce any image without artist permission.